Orders Before 2pm Ship Same Day

Orders Before 2pm Ship Same Day

2-Year Limited <br> Warranty

2-Year Limited

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30-Day Money-Back

Customer Support 7:30am–5pm MST

Customer Support 7:30am–5pm MST

Low Vision

Our visually impaired customers tell us their Bright Reach® lamps make all the difference. They’re able to read now, which many were unable to do without the lamp. Even if you are not visually impaired, you’ll still notice the difference when using a Bright Reach® lamp. Our bright light makes a significant difference in increasing visual acuity. It has the effect of turning back the clock; your 65-year-old eyes suddenly feel like they’re only 40!

In addition to increasing acuity, our lamps can also improve your vision by enhancing contrast sensitivity with the brightness of our light. Our customers see significant performance differences: they can read for longer with less eye fatigue and use a lower power of magnification.

The biggest advantages our lamps offer compared with others on the market are their brightness and adjustability – housed in a modern, fully assembled* and space-saving design. With Bright Reach® lamps, you can see colors and fine details just as they’re supposed to be seen.

*Yes, even the floor lamp comes fully assembled in the box – a game changer for the low-vision user!

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