About us

About us

Bright Reach®, a division of Mattingly Low Vision


Our History

Sean Mattingly, owner of Mattingly Low Vision, envisioned a lamp that would meet the unique needs of a low vision user: extremely bright, built-in glare control, color temperature adjustment, and multiple brightness options. It also needed to be highly adjustable and portable for comfortable use in a variety of locations. From this vision, the Bright Reach® lamp was born. Although it was made for a specific niche, we realized the greater population without low vision could also benefit from the Bright Reach® lamp.

Designs and specs began in 2016.  After a number of hand-drawings, derivations, samples, and prototypes, the original Bright Reach® Lamp was brought to market in August 2018. Despite being released to the market before Covid, we watched sales grow between 2020 and 2022. In 2023 we released our second generation of Bright Reach® lamps, which added some additional features and increased brightness.

Bright Reach® is a division of Mattingly Low Vision, a Texas-based company that designs and makes great products. Check out our other divisions below for more information.


Our Team

Owner and engineer, Sean Mattingly, is in charge of design, production and stock. He holds an MBA from Point Loma Nazarene University and a Bachelor’s degree in Business from California State University, San Marcos. He became a designer because he was frustrated with what existed on the market. Aware of how bright light allows people to use the most of their remaining vision – sometimes even more than they thought they had – Sean designs products with this in mind. His focus on aesthetically pleasing, super functional and incredibly bright lamps has made a positive impact for thousands of users since 2018. 

Our family business consists of a passionate and well-rounded team who provide knowledgeable and friendly customer care. At Bright Reach®, we get the job done, and we do it well!


Our Vision

Our Vision at Bright Reach® is to make the brightest, highest-functioning and most customizable lighting products using ultra-durable and innovative designs.

Bright Reach® aims to be your go-to source for better illumination. We uphold this value of making our customers’ lighting experiences the best they can be. We use the highest quality materials and we’re committed to continuous improvement. Our goal is to provide a lighting experience that surpasses your expectations. 


Why choose Bright Reach®?

We created Bright Reach® Lamps because we were distributing lamps that were not meeting the needs of our customers. After gathering customers’ feedback and researching the product requirements, Sean engineered the Bright Reach® line of lamps. We’ve been chosen as a trusted supplier to the VA hospital system, which supplies the Bright Reach® lamp to veterans. To date, we have sold over 12,000 lamps to customers nationwide.