Enhance Your Vision at
home, office or on the go


Sleek and stylish, Bright Reach® Lamps are intuitive to use so you can make the adjustments you need with just three controls.
Whether you experience low vision, need to improve your office lighting or are seeking brighter light for your home, work or hobby tasks, we have solutions for you. Our simple design helps you stay focused on what you do best. In a variety of ways, Bright Reach® is here to light up your life.



Low Vision

Our visually impaired customers tell us their Bright Reach® lamps make all the difference. They’re able to read now, which many were unable to do without the lamp. Even if you are not visually impaired, you’ll still notice the difference when using a Bright Reach® lamp. Our bright light makes a significant difference in increasing visual acuity. It has the effect of turning back the clock; your 65-year-old eyes suddenly feel like they’re only 40!

In addition to increasing acuity, our lamps can also improve your vision by enhancing contrast sensitivity with the brightness of our light. Our customers see significant performance differences: they can read for longer with less eye fatigue and use a lower power of magnification.

The biggest advantages our lamps offer compared with others on the market are their brightness and adjustability – housed in a modern, fully assembled* and space-saving design. With Bright Reach® lamps, you can see colors and fine details just as they’re supposed to be seen.

*Yes, even the floor lamp comes fully assembled in the box – a game changer for the low-vision user!



Bright Reach® Lamps enhance your office setting by allowing you to overcome the inadequacies of default light sources. You can adjust and direct your lamp to illuminate the task at hand or the workspace in general. When used in offices, our customers experience less eye fatigue and eye strain, as well as greater reading speed. This leads to increased productivity and efficiency.

Many people struggle with glare, dim lighting, or the shimmering effect of fluorescents (which can cause migraines, eye fatigue and strain). Our high-quality LEDs do not cause these issues, and reduce blue scatter glare to produce a more comfortable lighting environment. The 85+ CRI rating of our LEDs also mimics true colors as they are under natural daylight. 

The sleek profile of the Bright Reach® takes up minimal space in your office and looks modern and interesting. Its flat base allows you to place your clock or other office items on it to save desk space; the floor lamp base can fit easily under desks or tucked into tight corners. This helps to avoid trip hazards in a small office space. 

During the pandemic, we learned that our lamps had another use – optimal personal lighting on video conference calls. Simply turn the light bar towards you to look your best; then when you’re done, just turn it down to continue illuminating your work environment. It’s two lamps in one!

Home Tasks

Do you need better lighting when you sit down to do your finely detailed home tasks? Whether you’re in the home doing needlework, crocheting, knitting, quilting, or crafting, we’ve got you covered. If you’re out in the workshop, potting plants, woodworking, auto detailing, or tying fishing flies, the Bright Reach® family has options for you. With Bright Reach, you can do more because you can see better. 

In any detailed task, it’s vital to stay focused on the work at hand. In addition to bright light, Bright Reach® lamps are designed with tactile buttons and easy controls to manage your light according to your task. The simple design allows for stepped or continuous brightness adjustment by holding down a tactile button. This allows the user eyes-free operation and helps maintain focus on the task.

When you need to know, ‘Did I make a mistake? Is that a flaw in the fabric or material? Can I fix it? Our lamps provide the clarity you need to quickly pivot. With one-handed precision, you can adjust the lamp as needed to see what you need to see. It’s the perfect task-lighting companion.