Clip-on Light


The Bright Reach® Clip-On spectacle reading light comes with a clip and headband/neckband.

Ideal uses for the Clip-On Light include:

  • Detail or Closeup Work
  • Reading
  • Studying
  • Work-Related, Hands-Free Tasks

Uniquely compact, the clip-on light emits a bright, broad field of light. However, it’s also inconspicuous, lightweight and super adjustable. The gooseneck design allows the light to be angled wherever you need it, and it can be worn in multiple ways. Weighing less than 1oz with a three-hour+ rechargeable battery life, it’s guaranteed to be a trusty tool.

This light is great for people who work in tight spaces like a mechanic, auto enthusiasts, or plumbers. It can even be clipped on a dog harness or leash to shine the way. Or use it in bed for late-night reading so you don’t disturb your partner. Originally designed for the low vision user, the light is most intense within 20 inches.

Portable and flexible, the headband / neckband accommodates two clip-on lights if your project requires more light. Consider buying two! 

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Bright Reach® Lamp's Unique Features



A Low Vision Professional

VA Hospital

"I love it!! Patients can ‘see’ how bright the light is and how easy it is to put on/wear. One patient is planning to use it to tie fishing lures at night. I love the versatility of wearing the band or clipping it on and am impressed with the battery life on one charge. I have turned it on/off for demos several times over the last few weeks and the charge is still holding.”


Deann M.


"The Bright Reach clip-on was useful when [you're] handed things to read or view “on the spot”, in the absence of optimal lighting conditions. Its flexibility is a plus; it can be clipped on a cap brim, or worn around the neck, for those who find it uncomfortable or inconvenient to wear things on their heads. Hands-free is great for those with tremor or with need to hold other devices or tools at the same time."


Laura W.


" Overall, I’m very impressed by the visibility, ease of use and the affordability. It is pretty bright for the price!"


Jose E. R.

McAllen, TX

"When I first saw and read the specifications on the Bright Reach clip-on spectacle task light, I was attracted to it and decided to try it out. I now have one, and I like it because it is very portable (very light and small), it does not feel cumbersome wearing it, and it allows me to do my night reading without having to have a bigger/brighter room light that is inconvenient to others."


Maggie E.

Charlotte, NC

“Bright Reach clip-on spectacle task lights are brilliant because they provide a bright light that is very versatile. They are ultra-portable, and can be clipped onto glasses, a hat/ball cap, or a magnifying visor. They can also be worn around the neck or on the head with the included band. The flexible gooseneck allows users to angle the light as needed for the task at hand. Additionally, they are rechargeable so they are lightweight and there is no need to change batteries, which can be difficult for individuals with visual impairments.”



North Carolina

"[It] worked perfectly for my most recent patient. He is monocular and will be using it with his readers to spot menus and work with his model trains. He is a double leg amputee, and this lightweight head mounted option works great for him."



Martinez, CA

"The Bright Reach Clip-On Lamp is the perfect size for portability and bright white [housing] to prevent loss/misplacement. The design is simple and easy to aim the light at a variety of angles and the USB-C port makes it easy to charge. I’m very impressed by the visibility, ease of use and affordability of this little clip-on light!"




"By far, the MVLlight is the handiest and most used product. Many Veteran’s like the portability, lightweight and brightness."

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